We believe the iInternet should be safe for everyone. People of all creeds and colors deserve safe access to the online communities and platforms that matter to them. Our mission at Samurai is to protect those most vulnerable, especially children, online.

We are pioneers in technology that makes the internet a safer place by combating cyberbullying, online harassment and other types of cyber violence. As part of this mission, members of our experienced team have for years worked with a variety of organizations, from national police organizations and central investigative bureaus to NGOs, universities and research labs.    

Our team features a range of experts from AI specialists and cognitive scientists to psychologists and mathematicians. Our background has concentrated on working with law enforcement to protect children. And our inspiration for developing Samurai--a technology that has been seven years in the making--is rooted in finding ways to shield all people from online violence.

In 2010, our co-founders together built the first and only AI program, called CERBER, that was specifically designed to detect pedophiles on internet chats. Two years later, our team created ISPAD, a system for identifying public threats and preventing violence among soccer hooligans that was deployed in coordination with the Polish National Police and Central Investigative Bureau.

We experienced tremendous success last year. Our technology was recognized as the leader of the third wave AI in language understanding. Gartner named US Cool Vendor in Conversational AIs, and we were listed among the top 100 AI firms by CB Insights as well as New Europe 100, a group selected by Google and the Financial Times that highlights Europe’s emerging technology stars.

In 2018, Samurai acquired Fido Labs and it’s award-winning technology to move beyond current limitations in the market and enter the realm of third wave artificial intelligence.

Our mission is supported by top angel investors: Robert Lewandowski & Dawid Urban. We are thrilled to have investors who help us live out our mission to protect those most vulnerable.